Pet Care Assistant Job in UK

Available Pet Care Assistant Job in UK

Some pet care assistant jobs are currently available in Canada and the providers are calling on any in Nigeria that will be interested in the job to apply.

in this article, we are going to take a good at some of the best assistant jobs that are available in the UK, we would also let you know the requirements and how you can apply for the job.

a lot of pet owners are looking for someone that can handle their pets when it comes to making sure there eat on time, and giving them medication if needed maybe.

Who is a Pet Care Assistant?

A pet care assistant is a person charged with the responsibility of taking care of domestic animals like dogs, cats or any other kind of animal that is referred to as domestic Animals.

As much as it might sound funny but yes, it is one of the most lucrative jobs you can think of getting as a Nigerian living in the UK.

Nobody will tell you the work is easy because it is not at all, you have to always make sure that the pets are doing fine, give them their food when due and also give them their medicine for those that are sick.

As a pet care assistant, you have to make sure you take very good care of the animals kept plunger your control, you have to ensure the day-to-day cleaning of the environment where the animal is kept.

Responsibility of Pet Care Assistant

Let’s talk about the different responsibilities of a pet care assistant, carefully read this if you are interested in taking a job in this area. 

  • Cleaning the environment where the animals are kept, is to avoid them from getting sick due to a dirty environment. 
  • Preparing the food by the diet that has been stipulated 
  • You have the responsibility of feeding the animal on time because the owner will inform you of the time you should feed them. 
  • Taking care of the sick animals and calling the vet to take a look at them and tell you what to do for them to be okay. 
  • You are also charged with the responsibility of grooming the pets and always making sure that there are clean. 
  • Treating them and giving them tablets or any kind of medicine that will help them remain healthy. 
  • Showing off the pets that are ready for adoption
  • Giving them some basic training and helping them exercise 
  • You have the responsibility of training them to have good character. 
  • You can also advise the owner of the pet or potential buyers on what to do when the animal is under their care. 
  • Collecting payment for any of the animals that a client wants to collect or buy. 

Requirements For Pet Care Assitant Job in the UK

Let’s talk about some of the requirements that are needed if you want to wish to be employed in this position. 

  • You should have good communication skills 
  • You should be friendly with animals which are considered more important than your educational qualification 
  • You should have at least a high school degree (secondary school) 
  • At the time of your application, you should be physically and mentally healthy 
  • Should be fit enough to do so many physical works like cleaning, washing and cooming. 
  • You are also advised to get anti-tetanus vaccination
  • You should have the ability to take care of uncontrollable pets etc. 

Salary of a Pet Assistant 

Just as mentioned before, the salary of a pet assistant is a very lucrative one and if you are opportune to get the j9b, you should take it easy even though it is very stressful but the pay is very high.

The reason why the price is high is that not everybody would love to do that kind of job because you will be exposed to a lot of things like nearly sleeping in a dirty environment, and having very close contact with animals even when they are not feeling fine. 

In the united kingdom, in early 2022 per hour salary was not that big because there were too many people in the industry but while the job got harder, workers started reducing and there was a big demand for workers. 

The price per hour increased from €4.58 to €10, and it is paid based on how old you are.

If you are between the age of 16 -20, you will possibly be paid from €5 to €7 while those that are between the age of 21 and above, will be paid €10 and above. 

So with good calculations, you will be earning at least €19,000 yearly which is a good way to start a career. 

Note: before you will be fully employed, you will go under some kind of training with the person that is employed, he or she will use that opportunity to teach you how you can handle the pets carefully. 

Available Pet Assistant Jobs in the UK 

Let’s look at the job that is currently available and how to apply for them. 

1. Ministry of Defence 

The British government under the ministry of defence is recruiting new people that will be taking care of their dogs which will be made available to the military


  • You must be physically fit 
  • Should be friendly with animals 
  • Should be ready to work at all time 

How to Apply 

If you are interested in the job, you will have to follow the details below. 

  • Name:Lee Taylor
  • Email
  • Telephone :
  • Recruitment team :


Do I need a work permit to go to the UK 

Yes, before you can work in the UK, the person who will employ you would also help you get a work permit. 


We have been able to give you the available job that is in UK currently if you want to get the job, read all we have said here and apply. 

For more information or question, kindly leave a message on the comment box. 

Here at Barktopawjobs, we would keep giving you the best update. 

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