Dog Training Jobs in Canada

Dog Training Jobs in Canada | Salary and Requirements

There are a lot of dig training jobs in Canada that you can decide to apply for one and make money.

Today dogs are seen as man’s best friend and no doubt, it is one of the best pet anyone can get.

In places like Canada, dog trainers are well paid and valued because whether the dog is good or bad depends on how they train it.

In this article, we are going to majorly talk about what is required of you if you want to be a dog trainer in Canada.

Secondly, we would also be talking about the kind of salary you would be receiving as a dog trainer in Canada.

In case you are an African and you are looking forward to getting this kind of job, then you need to read this content till the end because it will give you a big insight into what you are about to go into.

Who is a Dog Trainer?

Let’s start this topic by giving you a little Description of who a dog trainer is.

Before giving you a more detailed explanation of who a dog trainer is, just have it at the back of your mind that if your dog is good or bad it depended on the kind of training it is receiving from you or any other person that is in charge of their training.

For your dog to be happy, healthy and well behaved, you need to employ someone who is a dog lover and professional in the field.

A dog trainer is in charge of developing a training program to encourage excellent behaviour in dogs. They assist dog owners in training their pets like Dogs.

A dog trainer’s primary responsibilities include recognizing undesirable behaviours, educating the owner on how to train their dog, designing a training plan for the dog, and creating a friendly atmosphere. They must also comprehend the demands of the owner and the dog.

A dog trainer does not require any prior experience, but they must have a high school certificate or GED. Working with any sort of dog is one of the most critical abilities that a dog trainer will have.

Another ability is time management since the dog trainer must ensure that all dogs are properly cared for and taught. They must also be able to multitask when working with many pets.

As much as it may sound easy but maintaining a dog’s behaviour should be one of the hardest jobs you can ever do, for people who are good at this are always valued and looked for.

The high demand for this is one of the reasons why we are posting about this opportunity for those that might be interested in it.

You must know what is required of you as a dog trainer, it is also important you know how much you stand to earn per hour, monthly and yearly.

Before you can be employed to be a dog trainer in Canada you would be given an interview which will help the employer know if you are capable of doing the job.

Some of the interview questions you will see are;

  • Do you like dogs?
  • Have you had any experience?
  • Which training method are you familiar with
  • Do you want to work part-time or fulltime
  • What Area of dog training do you want to specialise in?

The above questions are most of the interview questions that you will be asked while you’re trying to get this job.

You must know them so you can prepare well and your ability to answer the questions above will help you become good and be accepted.

Requirement For Dog Training Jobs In Canada

Here would be taking a look at some of the requirements that you will need to meet up with if you are interested in working in Canada as a Dog Trainer.

Note: The requirements we would mention here are just general requirements, the company or pet owner can give you their requirements but if you can meet up with the requirements we would mention here, it will be a stepping stone doe you to meet up with the one that will be given to you by the dog owner.

Without waste of time, here is the general requirement for you to be accepted as a dog trainer.

  • You must not be infected with any kind of disease
  • You might have finished high school at the time of this application
  • You should be dog or animal friendly
  • You should have your method of training animals
  • You should suggest to the owner the best way take care of the dog
  • You should also ensure to give the dogs proper positive training.
  • You should know dog command
  • Should know the history of dog ownership
  • Should also have a good knowledge of dog breeds
  • You should be able to identify a problem with the dog and equally suggest a solution
  • Taking the dogs to competitions would be a great way to make them happy
  • Should be able to create a plan for action for the owner

If you can meet up with the requirements we have stated above, then you should have one step a way toward getting the job.

Responsibility of a Dog Trainer

Here are your responsibilities as a dog trainer in Canada.

  • Make a training plan for your dog.
  • Teach the dog and owner commands.
  • Be patient when dealing with an obstinate dog.
  • Teach dog owners about proper dog behaviour.
  • Recognize the requirements of the owner
    Work with the owner to educate them about their dog.
  • Show owners how to reward positive conduct.
  • Pay attention to dog owners’ concerns.

Salary of Dog Trainer in Canada

This is one of the most lucrative jobs you can get in the whole of Canada, if you want to get a job in this industry, here is the salary.

The average salary of a dog trainer in Canada is $48,000 a year. Some of them can also pay $38,000.


How much do dog trainers make in a day?

The averages money you will be paid as a dog trainer is $48,000

Are dog trainers in demand in Canada?

Yes, there are a lot of people looking for who will train their dogs in Canada.


To be a dog trainer you have to follow up on some of the best practices we have mentioned here

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