Pet Care Assistant in Ontario, Canada

EARN UP TO $5000 Working as a Pet care Assistant

Up to $14/Hour

Pet Care Assistant  – The Ontario Animal Hospital has opened its application portal for those who are interested in working with them. The animal hospital which is located in Aurora in Canada is looking for those who would love to be part of their great team of animal lovers and caretakers. They are in search of senior specialists in Pet Care, this position may require you to work all days of the week and weekends are optional.Before we continue, it will be nice to give you a little explanation of who a Pet Care Assistant is. A Pet Care assistant is someone employed or responsible for taking care of most domestic animals.  One of your major functions as a Pet care specialist is to make sure the animals are in good health.

In this job, you decide to either work in the morning or you work at night, either way, one thing is that it is a full-time job.  In this article, we are going to guide you on how you can Apply for the job and the requirements that are needed which you must fulfil.Taking the available position simply means you will have to handle all the things we have listed below. 

  • You should be able to Administer Medication to animals that need medication 
  • Feed the animals according to the way there are supposed to be fed (Follow the provided schedules) 
  •  You should be able to clean the animals
  • Change and cleans the cage and keep it safe against infections
  • You should be able to transfer animals to different quarters 
  • You will also make sure that the equipment used in taking care of the animals is clean. 
  • In terms of animals like dogs, you will have the responsibility of taking them on exercise
  • There are not looking for someone who has experience but if you do it’s a plus they are going to train the persons that will be selected.
  • So if you are going to be confident working and dealing with animals then this is the job for you. 

Before we continue, let me give you a breakdown of how much an average Pet Care Assistant earns. 

A Pet Care specialist earns at least $10 – $20 per hour

You will have the opportunity of earning up to $5000 in a year by just taking care of animals.

Pet Care specialist will be given a roaster of all the dogs in a particular side of the city and the employees, on the other hand, will be expected to work from morning till evening (8 am -5 pm) 

As a pet specialist, you will learn time management as long as this job is a concern, secondly, you will be given the responsibility to calculate how long a dog can play and of cause have special talk clients. 

You will also be required to document the progress of every dog under your watch. 

Just as we mentioned before, before you can Apply for this job, please be aware that you will need to be friendly with dogs of any breed and size. 

Also, be ready to develop your handling skills and Communication skills with dogs and of cause learn to give signals to your Dog too. 

Have in mind that you are responsible for the safety of the dogs so you need to look at them carefully. 

When dealing with dogs of clients, you should be able to give an accurate record of how the dog is progressing so the clients will know the interaction between their dog and the others. 

One of your major jobs is to make sure that you are greatly assisting clients while their dog is still with you. 

Skills For Required For Pet Care Assistant

Here we are going to explain to you the major skills you need if you want to work well in this job. 

  • You should be open to criticism 
  • You should have time management skills 
  • You should be responsible and a reliable person 
  • Should have a marketing and sales skills 
  • The ability to work independently is a plus 
  • Have a good knowledge of computer 
  • Be someone who can take initiative 
  • Be flexible when it comes to working hours 
  • You should have conflict resolution skills 
  • Be good at customer service 
  • You need to develop an interest I’m canine play 
  • Should be of good behavior and a good communicator
  • You should be open-minded 
  • Should be physically fit 
  • Should be confident enough to work with all breeds, sizes, ages, and behavior of animals. 

Before applying be sure that you have been fully vaccinated as it will be one of the things they will consider while offering you the job.

Salary and Payment

The payment for this job is really good as they will need you to work from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 5 pm. 

At each hour that passes by, you will be paid $14, so on a month you should be making up to $420, plus and minus you will be making around $5000 

Compensation is also offered to people that performed well.

How To Apply For Pet Care Assistant 

To apply, you have to follow our step-by-step guide which we have mentioned below. 

There are two ways of applying, the first is for you to apply through a resume, you can also apply through dropbox and LinkedIn. 

Anyways you want to use it, the important thing is that the application will start at their official site. 

  • Head over to their official site
  • Click on the Apply Now button 
  • Selected the style you want to use 
  • When you fill in all the necessary pieces of information, you submit  
  • You will be contacted through the information you provided  (email)


This is a great opportunity for you or anybody who has love for animals, especially dogs. 

Time to time we publish this kind of content here and if you have any question or any inquiries, the comment section is always available for you to use, don’t forget to share.

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