Pet care jobs in Canada

Pet Care Jobs in Canada and Salary in 2023

Pet care jobs in Canada are currently in high demand and there are a lot of companies and individuals that are currently looking for people to help them take care of their pets.

In this article, we would be discussing some of the best Pet care jobs you can find in Canada, we would also be giving you the general salary they can be paid.

What are Pet Care Jobs?

Pet care jobs deal with special care given to animals like dogs, cats or any other domestic animals regarded as pets.

Pet care jobs are one of the most demanding work in Canada because a lot of people need them to take care of their pets.

There are so many types of pet care workers, it depends on the type of pet care worker you want to be.

Pet Care Jobs in Canada

Here we would be talking about some types of pet care work that you can do if you want to get this job.

1. Kennel Attendant Care

This type of pet care is given to animals in their kennel stage while the owners of the animals are away.

Your work as a kennel attendant is to feed and take care of the animals left plunder your care and keep their quarters very clean.

They also make sure that all animals are in good health by watching them closely.

Aside from the above-mentioned responsibility of a kennel attendant, they also take the pets on daily exercise to keep them active all today.

2. Animal Groomers

If you want to be an animal group, Canada is one of the places you will give the job. In case you don’t know the duties of an animal groomer, see it below.

  • You are responsible for bathing animals under your care
  • You are responsible for making sure there are in good condition
  • You have the responsibility of grooming and styling animals according to the instruction of the owner
  • You will also have the responsibility of doing things that the owners want (new ideas)

There are no such requirements for you to get this job, as long as you have successfully finished high school or secondary school and you have had a little experience, you can be considered for this job.

3. Pet Trainers

There is not much talk about this because pet trainers are simply people that make sure the pets left under their care are in good health when it comes to training.

If you want to be a pet trainer, Canada has the best job offers for you.

For you to be employed in this side of pet care, you need might have had experience training dogs before you can Apply for this position.

Though most persons that can handle any of the jobs that have been mentioned here can also train dogs as a professional dog trainer, you need to have a good experience with dogs. If you don’t know how to handle dogs, please don’t apply, you can still look for other Job Opportunities.

4. Dog Guide Instructor For the Blind

Here you are required to train dogs on how to assist blind people.

The dogs are required to help a blind person locate whatever you’re looking for.

They may also assist other disabled people, they are trained to be the eye and leg for blind and disabled people. This type of dog is called Guide Dog.

If you want to get this job, you need to know how to make sure the dogs understand commands, the most important lesson you need to give the dog and owner is how to respond and give commands.

Requirements For Pet Care Workers

If you want to be a pet care worker, you have to meet up with the requirements which we have taken the time to explain below.

Make sure to read them carefully, also have in mind that the requirements we have mentioned here are only general requirements, the dog owners might also give you their requirements which you should follow.

  • You should always pay back close attention to the Details
  • You must be someone who can use their initiative to influence the pet they are training
  • You should be ready to accept corrections and adopt new strategies
  • Should be someone who has had experience with pet training
  • Should be someone who loved pets like dogs, cats etc.

Responsibility of a Pet Care Worker

You must know your job as a pet care worker in Canada, this will help you pass the interview that your employer might likely ask you.

  • You must give food to the pets according to the recommended time
  • You should make sure the pets are in good condition
  • You must make sure that the place where the pets stay is properly clean.
  • You also must look at the animals and observe their behaviours to know when they are out of line and one there is in order
  • Giving the animals medication on the time prescribed
  • You should always take the animals on exercise to keep their feet.

Salary of Pet Care Jobs in Canada

The best place to work as a pet care worker is Canada because, on the other side of the world, it is very lucrative.

The average salary a pet care worker can get in a country like Canada is $35,000 per year which makes it very lucrative.


How much is a pet care worker in Canada?

A pet care work earns at least $35,000

Which animal care work pays the most?

The one that pays the most is the veterinarian

How much do pet care workers earn per hour?

Per hour, a pet care worker earns $15


A pet care worker is one of the best jobs you can get in the whole of Canada and it has very high pay.

We have given you the types of work you can apply for, to get more of this kind of information, do well to follow us here at Barktopaw Jobs

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